Thermostat · 2022-01-06

T23 Thermostat


The most versatile Automatic Reset KSD301 thermostats.

A wide range of temperature,low temperature till high temperature,can be set according to customer requirements.

APPLICATION:Air conditioner,Refrigerator,Water Heater
Microwave Ovens,Electric Heater,Soybean Milk Machine
VALTOO,Hair Drier,Fireplace,Clothes Dryer
Projector,Shredder,Electric Kettle
Sealing Machine,Toaster,Coffee Machine
Decocing Pot,Water Dispencer

Cap/Case material,Bracket type/Terminal Orientation/Terminal Size could be customized based on actual demand. See the bottom for details.

Type: Single pole – single throw

T23 series thermoistat Height: 9.6mm(T24 series is 9.6mm)

Operating temp:
UL/CUL: 50℃~220℃
VDE: 0℃~180℃
CQC: 50℃~180℃

Differential: 8℃ or more(depend on customer’s demand.)

CAP/Bracket Material: Aluminum/Stainless steel/Copper

Terminal Orientation:0°/30°/45°/60°/90°

Terminal Size:4.75mm(0.187inch)/6.35mm(0.25inch)

Case Material:PPS(P)

Electrical Rating:
16A/250V AC Resistive load
15A/125V AC Resistive load
10A/250V AC Resistive load

Temp Tolerance: ±3℃ or more, Standard: ±3℃ ~ ±12℃(depend on customer required operating Temp)

Endurance: 100,000 cycles or more

Circuit Resistance: 50mΩ or less

Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ or more(DC 500V)

Dielectric Strength: AC 1,450V for 1 min.

Current bracket/Terminal types and case material options are as below. We would like to cooperate customer for new design.